About van Zijl geranium


Van Zijl Geraniums is a family business which is specialised in
growing both hanging and standing geraniums in various colors.
The company is governed by three brothers and has two locations, one in Monster and one in ’s-Gravenzande. Combined the company consists of five acres of glass.

In Monster we grow our standing geranium (Pelargonium Zonale) and in ’s-Gravenzande we grow our hanging geranium (Pelargonium Pelatatum).
Mainly standing geraniums on the establishment in Monster (Pelargonium Zonale) are grown and in 's-Gravenzande the hanging geraniums (Pelargonium Peltatum).
Our assortment consists of single- and double-flowered varieties,
The production of our geraniums starts in August.
This proces takes approximately six to seven months, after this we start selling in March until mid-June.
The sale takes place via flower auction FloraHolland.

Besides our main cultivation, geraniums, we cultivate other bedding plants such as Osteospermums, Ranunculus, Calibrachoas cyclamen and Calocephalus.
On our assortment page you can view the entire assortment, including the types and colors.

Since 2015 we are member of the studyclub  "The Growers". This club consists of seven companies, nine people, with a fit in social- and economical perspective.
The club aims to create an positive appearance with solidarity.

Van Zijl Geraniums grows her products with environmentally awareness, resulting in a MPS-GAP certification.
All our products are grown with environmentally awareness. Futhermore, we constantly follow the latest developments in order to continue providing top quality products.