Other assortment

Besides the main cultivation, geraniums, we grow osteospermums, ranunculus, calibrachoas, cyclamen, Calocephalus and Petunia's.

Osteospermums are beautiful full blooming plants, which are available in various colors.

Ranunculus have realy big single flowers, which gives a true floral splendor in spring.

Calibrachoas have pretty little flowers in many bright colors, ideal for hanging baskets.

Outdoor Cyclamen are quite amazing in the autumn, they provide your garden with color even in the darker days.

Calocephalus is a non flowering plant distinguished by the silver-gray color and combines well with other plants.

Anemones are perennial herbaceous plants in the buttercup family . They have lobed leaves and large flowers with distinct sepals.

Night Sky is a petunia with stunning white dots purple flowers. Very suitable for hanging baskets.


For our geraniums see Hanging-geranium or Standing-Geranium.

Other assortment